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When did you last see a Bellisserian home available? Starting afresh.

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17 hours ago, Loretta String said:

Had to abandon a Chalet because of this view ( which I of course AR'ed).

At least this is not as bad as snow and Christmas trees in the middle of the Summer, that I had elsewhere.

Screenshot 2021-04-16 111140.png

I got the house right next to it, twice, so did the same as you 😕

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18 minutes ago, CandyJewels said:

So long alt's neighbor. Great region, so quiet and little lag!

/me nods.  My home there is my favorite spot among the many, many, MANY I have gotten over the years.

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Ugh!  Decision time again.  I am choosing to give up my camper.  It has water on 3 sides.  The water leads out to the coast and that gigantic 4-region Galaxy ship.  There's only 1 other camper on the island and there are a bunch of friendly furries in the neighborhood that has stayed nicely decorated for as long as I've been here.  It's a beautiful older section of Bellisseria.  I hope someone loves it just as much as I have.  8:30pm SLT



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