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When did you last see a Bellisserian home available? Starting afresh.

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My temp alt expired today. I had originally gotten her to try for a fantasy home, but I caught one I liked on an annual premium alt, so I used this one to "fish" for houseboats. I had no real luck finding spots I liked and today I was to downgrade her back to non-premium cuz her month was running out. I decided to try one last time.. and caught a houseboat I really like.

It is in a small grouping at the base of a lighthouse on Trafalgar. My neighbor had a lovely floating garden with lots of tall trees. It was pretty to look at but it blocked a nicer view, so I decided to derender it. And when I did... wow!

I will be keeping this at least another month, and probably much longer than that. Here are a few pictures:1320960731_TrafalgarHouseboatviewfromlivingroom_001.png.c134b17fbb75db638d4bbf2e177a2474.png

Trafalgar Houseboat Lighthouse_002.png

Trafalgar Houseboat view from balcony_002.png

Trafalgar Houseboat view from dock_001.png

Trafalgar Houseboat at sunset_009.png

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Houseboats may not be quite as rare as they feel. I had been fishing for a houseboat for the past three weeks -- they made an  appearance almost (but not quite) daily. I probably checked the LP about 20 times a day at random intervals, and on average I saw almost (not quite) one houseboat a day.

I had certain criteria for my boat.. including open water view out of the front window and preferable some land nearby.. .even if it was just a tiny piece of reef or island. It took me about 3 weeks to find one that met my criteria.

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Putting this Trad back in the pool at 10am SLT



Edited to add:   Won't be 10am SLT.  I am one of the lucky ones who can't log in right now.

"Identified - We are aware that some Residents are having trouble logging into the viewer, resulting in an error message citing inventory issues. We have identified the issue and are in the process of implementing a fix for. Residents may be unable to log in in the interim. We very much appreciate your patience. Please follow this blog for updates.
Sep 23, 09:58 PDT"

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14 minutes ago, Fay Starlight said:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prairie Schooner/21/176/40

Just put a coastal Log Home back in the cue...

Thank you Fay .. lol that was my old cabin and I just got it back.  Thanks for posting this in the forum. I just happen to see this post come through right after I woke from a nap.  I kind of missed my cool spot after tossing it. Glad to have it back!

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Posted (edited)

OK, HOUSEBOAT fans - I'm going to release this houseboat in about 12 minutes, precisely at 8:20am SLT. Fingers ready if you're interested! (On the LP and still unclaimed as of 8:30am - west-facing on the edge of the void!) FINALLY TAKEN.


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