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When did you last see a Bellisserian home available? Starting afresh.

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11 hours ago, Mercedes Avon said:

I feel the same way. I bought an amazing mainland parcel and thought, "this is the mainland I really like." That lasted for about a split second before someone floated a full bright platform full of backdrops about 75 meters up. And then someone floated this white blob thing I suspect was supposed to be their version of a cloud. Then to kick it all off, the parcel behind me is a rental and someone rents it and puts up walls around all the corners some 50 feet high. This was on the Atoll walkways, which is sort of themed and pretty when people are considerate. However, after all the eyesores went up, I decided that Belli had spoiled me and mainland only served a purpose for me if I wanted a store in the sky.

Derender with a capital D.  So sayeth King Head.




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