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Two new limited edition last names

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For the life of me, I thought this was for sure an April fools joke.. hehehe

I had been on the lookout for them the whole night at work and any after..

This just had all the makings ..

Any other day and I wouldn't have thought twice about it being real names, but that day. I was on the lookout.. hehehe

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Hm ..    LL: We don't want people to change names, that's why we made it so pricey.    Also LL: Limited offer, get 'em while you can!

Oh come on. Orwar OwO could be interpreted as a vampire with wide eyes

Nooo! Nobody should trust a semicolon in a database!

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It irks me that Linden Lab is generating fake rare items to raise revenue. Historically, Linden Lab hasn't done that. Users could make no-copy items, but, other than Linden Bears and some items from new user quests, LL rarely did.

It's kind of sleazy. It's the sort of thing the "non-fungible token" scammers do.

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On 4/6/2021 at 11:38 AM, Ardy Lay said:

This is how you catch Second Life account scalpers.

Found out the name I wanted for many years,  guy wants to now sell it to me,  I figured I had registered it, but nope and he's wanting 500 bucks real money for it.   he's now getting ignored.

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4 hours ago, AdminGirl said:

Aren't all last names technically limited edition? What a marketing stunt..

Once upon a time, Second Life systems used the Resident's "last name" in a load balancing scheme.  The load balancing had to be reworked when a last name became wildly popular.  Since this change would take some time, the popular names were closed for enrollment and different names were rotated in.  This put some granularity into the load balancing scheme again.

I don't know that there is currently a technical reason for having time or quantity limits to enrolment into a last name, so, yes, it seems to be marketing driven now.

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The point of all this is that it's a crude attempt and correcting a stoopid mistake by the LIndens getting rid of legacy names to begin with!!!!! It dehumanised - so to speak - SL. Just plain dumb. And now they're trying to make money on their mistake. More poor decisions - that's the history of Linden Lab. >:(

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