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1 hour ago, Persephone Emerald said:

I had hoped Linden Lab would go with a San Francisco-style Victorian theme. The terraced houses certainly would have fit with this idea. I imagined the houses builtĀ around a scaled down version of Golden Gate Park as the community area. While we didn''t get exactly that with the Victorian theme, it is close enough to satisfy my desire for a nod to the home base of Linden Lab. šŸ™‚



Yes, that was certainly one of the design options that was considered, but when the designer Moles started putting together mock-ups on regions, they reluctantly had to conclude itĀ  wasn't going to work as well as we'd thought it would, at least not within our design guidelines.

I know Abnor has talked and written about this in the past -- there are some things that look as if they'd be really good ideas, but when we start to build prototypes and lay out and plan the regions in detail, problems start to emerge that aren't obvious until you try to realise the idea in SL and in the context of Linden Homes.

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