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Your favorite backdrop themes and places where you find them

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Backdrops are a lot of fun, and add ton of interest to your picture without a lot of work. I like them better than say a flat prim because they make me feel as if I am in the world . If you are interested in buying some for yourself, I definitely recommend checking the weekend sales as a lot of the big name stores that make them will put out their older releases on a temporary discount (typically under 100 lindens) in world. Those stores often have group gift back drops too.

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On 4/3/2021 at 11:09 AM, MrsSeren said:

Okay... now for results on pictures.

Top: backdrop

Bottom: a sim (yes I do have the SURL if anyone wants me to share it); I had DoF in world on.

Proves, you can never really always tell with a picture and Doc, my rental had palm trees round it till I asked the land owner to remove them. :) 

At first I was going to say that the bottom one was a backdrop, but then I noticed the rocks on the right side of the bottom photo, and that told me that a backdrop wouldn't have had such angular 'sl' looking rocks.  The shore is also a bit angular in spots.   I had to really look at the photos to notice any sort of difference, though.  

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