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Show Us Your Screen - Show Us Your Final

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End of the month. Bored. Waiting for new computer. Being especially kind to current  computer hence creative options are limited. 

Writing a blog post and thinking how cluttered my screen can get. :D.  


Aside from virtual photographers, I doubt many people think about all the steps it takes to get a good photo.  There is the outfit, the pose, the lighting,  the backdrop, the Windlight or EEP choice etc etc etc. While my screen isn't ALWAYS cluttered, it often is. And I am frequently opening and minimizing windows so that I can see what I am doing.   While some of the huds and panes could have been closed in this shot, many others had already come and gone :D.  So let's call this "typical".   


I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.  :SwingingFriends:


Here is the finished shot:



Here is what my screen REALLY looked like:



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Sure I'll play!   

This is my most recent blog post for the Engine Room:  The final, screenshot, and background. I take multiple pictures to make a final image.

NOTE: the screencap and bkgd shot are not exactly what I used in the final, but gives you an idea what it looks like while I build an image.


Dev Screenshot 1.png


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This is fun.. I have been using Firestorm, and Black Dragon two viewers.  Doing shot using backdrop actually a bit more difficult than doing the location shot-at least for me..

After some photoshop retouch, here's one of the  final shot looks like...




But my screen actually looks like this...LOL...




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This is a bit much, since I do not have all these up always. I close windows like inventory and personal lightning in between, I let them stay up here. I did not postprocess here, I usually tweak a bit.


demon screen 2sm.png


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