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Casual roleplay/hangout?

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Are there many places out there built with the modern city/town roleplay style, that don't have a lot of hard roleplay requirements/rules?

My friends and I are looking for a decent place to sometimes hang out, perhaps rent a store, that doesn't require a ton of applications or typing up paragraphs.

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Fox Hollow is the first one that comes to mind. The roleplay I've run into there is casual and plenty of rentable homes and storefronts. No applications or anything. Furry friendly (natural animals / colours only) which is either a positive or negative depending on what you want. 

I haven't spent a ton of time there or gotten real deep into the RP though. I've only brushed the casual surface. Someone who has been there longer or been more active might have another take. For me it's a place to explore and chill in with light RP by keeping my character out of any of the bigger stories.

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Well, there is beyou is a simple RP like the sims 4 or 3, games but only for second life only need to sign up at city hall and their websites easy to sign up a get Hud and meter and that's it. no rush get anywhere there levels but no rush I have friends who are cooks or doctors etc. I am not yet though but is a lot of fun making things or cooking etc. though stuff will need not be cheap like a kitchen. 

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