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Deploy Plan for the Week of 2021-03-29

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Second Life Server:

No roll for Second Life Server, as we had to roll back our RC last Friday.

Second Life RC:

All RC channels will be getting the same new build.

(Release notes link TBD for version 2021-03-25.557505)

This release contains internal fixes.

Wednesday 2021-03-31 07:00-10:30 PDT

No roll for Second Life RC Regions, we found a last minute bug that halted release.

On Region Restarts:

All regions should have less than 10 days uptime this week, so no rolling restarts should be necessary.

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Let's not shoot the messenger.  @Mazidox Linden is lead QA engineer, sure, but while he shares the blame for the rollback, he's not solely responsible.  At least he's communicating SOMETHING.  LL has the option (which it has often taken) to tell the users nothing at all, cf the World Map bug. *

I really hesitate to blame any one individual in an organization that has been stripped down as LL's engineering team has been over the past year or so.  A QA lead, without a VP engineering to protect him/her from the unrelenting pressure of demand for this fix or that feature NAOW, is in a very stressful place.


* by the way Mazidox, can you please ask @Grumpity Linden, in her role as temporary VP engineering, to kindly


... or at least communicate WTF is really going on there.  Is there really only 1 engineer working on it?  Have other engineer's expertises been tapped via code reviews etc.?  What about the uplift broke it, anyway?

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Fair point @Nika Talajbut I did not intend it to be Maz, my post seems inept now that I look at it, indeed Mazidox is one of the better communicators and I have no doubt he has had more than his fair share of hair-shirt-wearing recently.

As for the MAP issue I second your motion PLEASE let us know what is currently holding things up, 'cos flying is currently a real PITA without a useable world Map.

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