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Hello me and my friend are looking to set up a new location to set up our fire department. We work hard and train even hard our sim recently sadly closed. We would like to continue running as a fire department  but need a new home. If you'd be willing to let us set up a department on your sim feel free to contact myself in game mffd0028  of us can get back to you in a very prompt manor. Also feel free to just reply to this form.

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If you are still looking for a place to establish a Fire Department (your post didn't indicate what sort of RP environment/background you were interested in) there is an opportunity available for such in Maldita City, a recently opened World of Darkness based urban supernatural sim in Second Life. Here's a link to the website:  https://www.malditacityrp.com/ 

There's a wide range of roleplay opportunities here :) If anyone reading this is interested, please come visit us inworld. Feel free to contact me as well, if you'd like more details. SL legacy name is missaire.zimmermann


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