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My dear art Friends,

I am deeply moved by the openness of the artists who have honored me and participated in my interviews so far. If you haven't had time to read, please take a break and do it now. Find out who is really behind the avatar, how he thinks, feels and much more...
Interview with Honey Bender: https://bit.ly/3lP6sta
Interview with Theda Tammas: https://bit.ly/319nZ5W
Interview with Harbor Galaxy: https://bit.ly/30QVVEd
Interview with Vallys Baxter: https://bit.ly/2QaxoIf
Interview with Ambre Singh: https://bit.ly/3qnB59H
Also, please visit Artist current exhibitions and show your support!
Hearty thanks in advance!
More to come in short!
Best regards!
Virtuality Blog & Art Promotion

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