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Hey all!

I originally was going to post this in the Secondlife Avatars section, but then saw in a post by Dakota Linden that my planned post should go into the Wanted section , so here I am.

Alright, so... I am a redhead in SL and I have been wearing loads of tattoo layers with freckles for a good amount of time to get the effect that I want, but I am getting a bit tired of reordering my 15 tattoo layers (no exaggeration!) when I change makeup or so. 
So now I am trying to find a full-body skin with heavy freckles like the skin in the pic below (which will not work for me because it's the wrong head/body combo). I have looked on the MP for hours and visited many skin stores in-world but failed to find anything close to what I want.

What I want is:

  • BoM skin, pre-mesh system could work too but is not preferred because it will require a tattoo layer to get rid of those nails, and I want to get rid of my tattoo layers :)  
  • Body: Legacy and/or SLink HG, occasionally Belleza Freya.
  • Head: Akeruka W01 v3.5 (Genus, Catwa HDPro and LOGO skins often work well with that head!) 
  • Freckles need to be all over the body, not just the face (it's proving really hard to find full-body freckles!)
  • The freckles need to be painted on the skin, not provided as an additional layer, I already have that and want to stop using that :) 

And... that's it. And of course, the paler, the better in this case. 

If anyone knows where to find a skin which could work, even if it is just close and not quite answering to the whole list above, then please let me know with a SLURL to the store or a link to the MP listing.

Thank you all so much in advance!

skin nina freckles for Catwa + Maitreya by LL (Lluviapluton). Find on the MP

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I "think" the first is a tattoo layer, not a skin itself. My minus points- the freckles stop on the neck, like it's drawn a line? And no demo.

To the OP - it is really hard to find freckled skins. Like, really, really hard. And especially heavy freckles. You may have to live with layers.

But, I got a freckled body skin with the freckles painted on at DeeTalez. This was in the appliers age, so I am not sure what the store does with BoM. I think it was the only place I found it, all others had freckles on separate appliers. It was fewer and lighter freckles than you want, so...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 85 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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