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Enjoy Protected Views at Affordable Rates - Parcel Sizes starting from 1024 SQM from as low as 468 L$/Week

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If you are looking for lag free land at affordable rates, visit our rentals at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/JMT Estates/152/128/24.

You can also view the list of lands available at https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/v2n0nJoVhbLWGqB4/available

  • Our standard sizes of sand and greenery theme are 1024 SQM, 2048 SQM , 4080 and 4096 SQM; you can join land to get a bigger lot.
  • We offer at least one protected view and minimum one side with a mountain (half of which you can terraform and remove if you want more area) for all our parcels which gives you the feel of edge parcel even in inner parcels.
  • Almost all our rentals are in Adult Region.
  • Everyone is welcome, no matter you are a furry or LGBTQ+,  all will be treated fairly. 
  • Breedables and Stores are allowed only with prior permission , so please contact us before purchase. No Clubs are allowed.
  • One week is the minimum rental period which is the purchase price of land, so don't worry about being stuck with something you do not like.
  • We do not offer refunds, however you can transfer your rental time/tier left with us (after appropriate conversion) to any of our rentals including skybox, sky platform , apartment / condo and house rentals.



***Please read the covenant of the respective region before purchases. No bargaining, all rates are final. We know our rates are not super cheap, but that is what helps us stay long term and provide you get the best quality without overcrowding the ground level and lagging the place.

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Our Rates (As of 15th March 2021)

4096 sqm Edge Parcel 2194 prims (LI) 1700L$/Week (64x64m)

4080 sqm Corner Parcel 2184 prims (LI) 1845 L$/Week

4080 sqm Corner Parcel 1867 prims (LI) 1800L$/Week

4080 sqm Edge Parcel 2184 prims (LI) 1699L$/Week

4080 sqm Edge Parcel 1867 prims (LI) 1680L$/Week

2048 sqm Edge Parcel 1096 prims (LI) 975L$/Week (64mx32m)

1024 sqm Edge Parcel 548 prims (LI) 548L$/Week (32x32m)

1024 sqm Edge Parcel 468 prims (LI) 499L$/Week

1024 sqm Water view Parcel 548 prims (LI) 499L$/Week

1024 sqm Water view Parcel 468 prims 468L$/Week


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 94 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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