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Crisp Landing Blake Sea - Small/Medium Boat Slips - 140 Prims L$ 195 WK

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CRISP LANDING: Blake Sea Sailing Club - Boat Slips / Docks


█ █ █ █████████ Featured Property ███████████ █ █ █



  • Residential or Commercial OK!
  • FEATURES: Blake Sea Sailing with Access to Blake Sea. Boat Slips / Docks


  • All boat slips, 145 prim for L$ 195 week. Extra prim available. 
  • Your boat must fit within the white outlined rezzing/docking/parking spot if you plan to keep your boat rezzed. Otherwise, if your boat is larger, you must exit to Blake Sea immediately after rezzing.
  • All types of watercraft are welcome, but only watercraft please. 
  • Sky builds are not allowed.





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