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Rowan Amore

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12 minutes ago, Jordan Whitt said:

I think I am probably the only person on the planter who still loves that song!!!!

You are not alone. In 2021 I still squeal over that song and I still love Rick Astley, perhaps more than I love my husband lol

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I have written up a blogpost (with numerous example videos) of putting Second Life avatars through the WOMBO app. It is insanely great, and I actually spent the money to upgrade to the Premium version!

Just Google "ryan schultz blog" and you'll find the blogpost easily enough (it's the second one from the top). I also tested WOMBO with a Sansar avatar and some famous paintings (Frida Kahlo's self-portrait singing Tunak Tunak Tun turned out to be the mashup I never knew I needed!).

Seriously, if you haven't tried WOMBO-fying your SL avatars, download the free app and give it a try! It's great fun and seriously addictive, and the app keeps adding new song clips to choose from. This thing is singlehandedly curing my depression!



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I've been slightly obsessed with this app since finding it a few days ago, it's amazing how well it works if you take the right photo;


I'm with what Vanity Fair posted in their blog post - these videos really do skip over the uncanny valley effect for me. maybe just because they're using a source video of an actual human person and mapping the image onto that, so it's more like mo-cap? but either way it's amazing to see our avatars in motion that you otherwise couldn't easily do. and singing rick astley

This technology's been around for a little bit though up til now it involved running complicated code and setting up your image precisely and finding an appropriate lipsyncing video to copy from, so here's hoping more apps like this come out that make the process a lot easier (while also probably harvesting your data and using it to improve facial recognition and to train AI Killbots... that can also sing Rick Astley) 

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I've been playing with this cool free AI app called Wombo today that takes an image & adds music & lip syncing.
It works really well with avatar images & the results are hilarious.
I thought you guys might enjoy playing with it too.

Information here: https://www.wombo.ai/

Here are some I made earlier  :D

Jessica Lyon



Kyle Linden


Dan Linden

Alexa Linden


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On 3/12/2021 at 12:09 AM, Yuumo Ichibara said:

First I was afraid, I was petrified ... lol I had my avatar pose on the toilet so I could take a good shot of her for this Wombo:

idk how I missed reading this line the first time I watched!  LOL! 😂

(I'm not sure if I'm more impressed that you remembered the toilet pose was the one you needed for the selfie shot or that you knew how many of us can relate to finding that perfect pose!)  
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