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Bridgerton RP?


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Are there any Regency era RP sims in SL? I've recently finished Bridgerton and am absolutely obsessed with it! Also, I've been shopping at Belle Epoque and saw some nice Regency era inspired designs. I've been looking for sims to RP at, but haven't found any that are still active.

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20 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:




Got it got it.

There is one.

Il paste the SL map link when im in game.

I have book marked it 

But i dont know if it is a very big one,coz i once went in and was kicked out coz of my dress.

They could've treated me a time traveller.😂😁

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2 hours ago, KanzulR said:

What is Regency era?

   The Regency era refers to a short bit of the Georgian era, and specifically British society at that time (formally 1811-1820, informally ca. 1795-1837, i.e. the last bit of the Georgian era), the Georgian era being the combined reigns of George I-IV, 1714-1830, but also tends to include the reign of William IV, stretching it to 1837, when the Victorian era began. The regency period is named as such due to the regency of the George, the Prince of Wales (George IV-to-be) as his father (George III) was deemed unfit to rule due to mental illness.

3 hours ago, SarrahKingsley said:

Are there any Regency era RP sims in SL?

   It's looking a bit thin in the in-world search as far as sims go. But then I just put 'regency' in there and had a peek.

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Dear Mrs. Penberg, Unfortunately you provided the wrong LM for Bridgerton.

The correct one can be found here:


I am sorry You feel disappointed by the RP opprtunities so far.

We opened Bridgerton just two weeks ago, so everything is still fresh and new. Though we have a good handful of dedicated Rpers and we get new applications everyday.

Our first official events were fun and people enjoyed it. We decoded to schedule all official event on the weekends during SLT noon and early afternon to make sure that most people from all time zones can attend. Also we released the first issue of Mrs Whistledown's Society paper (which we will do every weekend too to feed the gossip at the events), which you can get either in our past group notices or the news stands at the landing point and around Grosvenor Square. The society news are based on happening and ongoing storylines on the sim, so works perfectly as a guide for other to either join a storsline or start your own!

As said, we are brand new here and we expect it to grow. We are evry open to any suggestions and offer all RPers quite a good infrstructure to use for your own events and storylines, like your famous Austen book club, Mrs Penberg. We would be happy to host it on the sim.

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On 9/1/2021 at 5:44 PM, Georgiana Penberg said:

Just in case anyone sees this in the future - there is now a Bridgerton Sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Delvaux/129/188/22 And it is set up for Bridgerton RP!

Dear Mrs Penberg,

I am really sorry for my last post, assuming that you are disappointed by our RP offers. Somehow I got confused with a comment in another thread!

Thank you for letting me know that this is not the case and for being part of our community!

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On 3/11/2021 at 3:37 AM, SarrahKingsley said:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is set during the Regency era; it's pretty much a historical period where ladies drank tea and men went to clubs, and a bunch of fancy balls lol.

...A bit like they did in 1995

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On 10/2/2021 at 9:18 PM, LondynRayne said:

Yes, the Bridgerton sim is open to visitors and you will need to be in period clothing. Hope that helps. ☺️




Does anyone know where to get good quality MALE Bridgerton Style clothing.  (Contraption only do for Gianni and Jake.  My BF is larger...Legacy Athletic, and would love to get him a Regency suit to RP Bridgerton.  But can't find any?  Any ideas

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Is Bridgerton still Regency, or has it recently been transformed to 2020s?

It no longer exists as a Regency-period RP spot, from what I can see. Looks all modern London now.

Edited by Katherine Heartsong
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