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Where can new folks make money? -- just a tiny bit

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Buying an average game online is at least 10-20 USD.
SL is free but worth at least that amount.
When you buy 10-20 USD worth of L$ you get around 2000-4000 L$.

And you don;t have to do that during the first days.
Explore first. Test the waters if SL is something for you or not.

The starter avatars ain't that bad at all these days.
And if you really get in to the platform, then do a few Starbucks and a bucket of nuggets at KFC less for once and buy those L$.

If you combine that with all kind of hunts and explore the freebie market you will be getting there pretty soon without losing an arm and a leg in RL.

I'm 14 years in SL now and still have a classic avatar.  If some  people don't want to hang out with me because of that, it is their problem, not mine.




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Giving "free" L$ to new residents may at first seem like a good idea until you realise that someone actually ends up footing the bill.

People will abuse the system - they will create as many alts as they can and then siphon off the L$ into their main account.

Giving new residents even a modest amount (around L$ 300) will mean that many of the valuable experiences they can gather new resident support areas and gateways will be skipped.

The L$ will be devalued on a constant basis as more and more free L$ is pumped into the zombie army of alts created by those who abuse it.

Great idea in principle but guaranteed to fail simply because of the way it will be abused.

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If your avatar can enter a skilled gaming region, there are some decent L$ making opportunities to be had there.

From what I've seen, many of the gaming regions offer at least a few freeplay machines, where you don't need to pay anything to play. You might need to join a free group or pay L$1 (which will then be refunded back to you). However, I have seen at least a couple of machines where you can play without putting in anything at all. 

It takes time and patience, and of course luck as well, but it is possible to make enough L$ to spend on dollarbies and the like this way. It can also be fun to work out the best strategies to increase your score, as the machines won't pay out unless you meet a certain score. The higher the score, the higher the promised payout will be. Some regions also have bonus L$ opportunities - for example, a money giver that randomly gives out a small amount of L$ to people who are currently in the region, or a leaderboard where the people with the highest scores in a game can get an extra L$ prize. 

Once someone has won on the freeplay machines where they don't need to put anything in, they could then play the freeway machines that do the L$1 refund as there seem to be more of those around. 


Looking into the requirements for skilled gaming, it might not be the most accessible option for newbies unless they are willing to have active payment method and current billing information on file. I don't know if it's possible for someone to give this information to SL and to not spend real life $$ in the process, so your mileage may vary with this strategy. 

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On 3/9/2021 at 7:03 PM, Teomi said:

alas, now instead of 50 linden for quests. you get half of only 25 linden. this is not yet written in the rules of the game, but they are already actually paying such an amount

Even though the income is cut, new players can be satisfied with this income of 25 lindens per week for the LR quest. It is a pity that participation in these quests was banned without payment information. But looking at the collection of crystals by players with paid information. still gives income to them.
 A lot of residents both new and old catch fish virtual fishing. when you first purchase a fishing rod and a hud, you are given the first 100 worms for free. then you already earn by catching fish on the next worms and besides that you have a net income. a little but still earnings. fishing regularly on virtual fishing is not a bad idea for many residents of the SL.
There is also Magic fishing. there are also lovers of free earnings there.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 133 days.

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