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One prim can send email to another prim using an address like "17b3f9c4-7f76-641c-7ea1-f77a8577d847@lsl.secondlife.com". This works fine.

I have a strong recollection that it once was possible to send an email to a prim from  your email client (eg gmail) using the same address.

This doesn't work for me any more. So either (1) It never worked, (2) it used to work but doesn't work now, (3) it still works but I'm doing something wrong.

Anybody know which?


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I have a vague recollection that this broke because of the move to AWS... I'm not sure though.

Edit: I did test with the script in the wiki page for llGetNextEmail, and it didn't seem to receive emails in two different sims within a few minutes.

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I just tested it, and it works. I got a prim to send an IM to me after a 5-minute delay, then check for incoming emails every 60 seconds. Logged out, replied to the email, logged back in and my reply was there even before the world had finished loading. Fill your boots, it survived uplift.


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