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Are you looking for a job as a DJ, Host, Dancer, or Manager???

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Hello there! I am Club Sabotage owner Kiyoko! 

I am looking for an awesome team who is hard working and loves to sabotage innocent peoples brains with their tunes or looks!

I am hiring DJs, Hosts, Dancers, and Managers! 

I do have application for you guys to fill out! Just click the link! »Club Sabotage Application (google.com)« 

There is Applications for Dancers, Hosts, and DJs within the club itself, if you wish for a Manager application then do not be afraid to message me or fill out the application in the link provided above! 

Now in order to be a manager here at the club, you must be able to host and or DJ when a host and or DJ can not make it to their set or you just cant find one! 

Here is the calendar for those who are interested on what slots are opened! »Club Sabotage Calendar - Google Sheets« 

I hope you guys enjoy your night and if you guys join us that would be awesome!  

Club Sabotage.jpg

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