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Everypixel makes me mad!

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56 minutes ago, Bree Giffen said:

 It came back with a 6.3% chance of my image being awesome. Wonderful.

it hates red heads


likes brownies more


and loves blondes ..


however... nearly same pic


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   Ooh, let me try, let me, let me ..!


   Ooh, it likes Mina. Wait, what do you mean, 'plastic'?!


   Mmhm, 'halloween', 'spooky', 'dark' .. It's doing a pretty good job of figuring out what's in the picture at least, it seems. ... .. Plastic, pfft.


   Black hair doesn't seem to detract too much from the score. Hm, do I have any pics of Neph with red hair laying around ...


   Oh, oh dear. How about .. Maybe ..


   Yeah, no. Wait, toy? Toy soldier? Wh-- Hrmpf. 

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I tried a lot of images. Seems like the AI thought this one was the best among those I tested. I'm not so sure it's made to judge how good looking a person is as much as it tries to rate the composition as a whole. However....


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I tried it with my favourite pic that I've ever done in SL...


Thats better than I hoped, and yet another from the same set...


Another two faves of mine, it likes the tennis one but not the other...



I tried it with a bunch more, and it seems not to like "quick snapshot" type pics, the sort you might take on holiday, with a full-length portrait in the middle of a relatively cluttered background. The better-scoring ones tended to be ones with more interesting composition. Pics taken indoors fared better than outdoor scenes and completely plain backgrounds fared very badly. It's not to keen on "adult" pics either, (it can identify when you're naked, it puts that in the tags) and most of those got very low scores, even the ones that have gotten the most "likes" on Flickr. 

It hates furries too. Not one of my furry pics scored higher than absolute zero.


Not even when it thinks they're "cute". (And since when was a buckskin horse "caucasian"??)

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Both my Dinkie photos got pretty high ratings.  This one with just a change to purple in color ranked about 15% higher.   I think it's scanning for composition more than anything, Bree, not so much as how it looks.  My photo is not exactly composed all that well and yours looks a bit "mug shot"...try a different composition with your avatar.  

Screenshot (173).png

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On 3/3/2021 at 7:18 AM, Marianne Little said:

Oookay... I should stop updating my avatar. The two top pictures is older, with Lelutka Simone, the 2 bottom with Lelutka evo Lake. Newest image in the bottom.... 😭


Rate collage.jpg

I love that 3rd photo Marianne and that one is my favorite of them all and it's also one of the most realistic looking avatars in SL.  The last photo is awesome too.  I'm not sure what this scanning is looking for other than perhaps something unusual or a particular composition.  Man, this thing lies after seeing this.  

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