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Fixing the "spread hands" bug?

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A lot of bento attachments – be it wings, ears or tails – suffer from a bug, where the animations meant to those body parts set the hand to the "spread" pose, which looks awkward under almost all circumstances, both for classic avatars and mesh avatars respecting hand poses. This seems to have its root in the "spread" pose being the default for animation uploads (while previously it apparently defaulted to the "relaxed" pose).

In order to fix this, I was trying to create a "hand pose only" animation, that I would run from a script to produce the wanted hand pose. But when trying to upload an animation that is supposed to do nothing (except for changing the hand pose), I get an error message "failed to initialize motion".

Is there some way to create a "noop" animation, which will be accepted for upload?


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Actually, your original post (preserved on my mail account) was spot on.

Since I'd loathe to leave behind the animations I like, I purchased a bento hands AO, and that fixed the issue. The root cause still is that tails/wings/ears may set the hand pose, which even  affects classic avatars.

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