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How to increase the prim count available on a parcel?

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1 hour ago, Naiman Broome said:

I wanted to make small parcels but make them use more prims , how can I do that?

If you just mean for your own use, it doesnt matter, you can use your owned Li in one region at one smal parcel, but used = used and won't be able to rezz more, Li is coupled to sqm's. If you need more than the land normally allows, you need to buy a bigger parcel, or more land on the same region.

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  • (Not that there's anything you can do about it, but "Naiman Broome" is an unlucky search term in SL web search. If it's anywhere in the results, I haven't found it, and had to use Firestorm to find out what might be of interest.)

So it seems you have an estate island, mostly one big parcel, so maybe you're thinking of renting small parcels there, with extra Land Impact allowance -- there's lots to spare. In case that's relevant, here's a bit from the Knowledge Base:


Object Bonus: This number multiplies the number of prims allowed on parcels in this Region. However, this option is not a way to increase the number of prims the whole Region supports; if the number of objects in the Region hits the Region's maximum capacity, no new objects can be created there, regardless of parcel limits. You may wish to use this option if you have a very dense area of objects in one small part of a Region (such as a cluster of buildings or a skyscraper) and relatively few objects elsewhere in the Region.


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