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Hello everyone, I am looking for hiring  3 RRPP , with host and RRPP experience, Salary  more tips, send  me your CV in Notecard, it is for an exclusive Electronic music event. time avalible:  8pm-10 pm slt. 

Greetings LordLucas Stormcrow

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6 hours ago, Quistessa said:

Perhaps the kind of person you're trying to hire would know what an 'RRPP' is, but I certainly don't.

Did a quick research inworld, and on Google. I would guess that in this context, "RRPP" is refering to the spanish "Relaciones Públicas" which means "public relations". 

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Public relations (known by the abbreviation RRPP or PR) are people specialized in a set of strategic communication actions. They are in charge of spreading and giving prestige to the public image through marketing campaigns, in this case through social networks, inviting the participation of the exclusive Electronic Music event. Inworld, give tp to people who are interested in participating in the party, also we will send special prizes and gift  for the guests. It is a unique possibility to be part of K.I.S.S music, just send me your CV  ( curriculum vitae about your experiences in SL ) in  Inworld to LordLucas Stormcrow. Greetings

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