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Coordinate Axes Conversion When Using BVH from Maya to SL

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I am working on a project to build a long, large, snake-like dinosaur, 13 meters long. I have successfully modified the Standard SL skeleton using the joints from right toe to right middle finger (18) into a straight line, bound the skin of a test cylinder to them, imported to SL, and checked 'Animated Mesh'. Maya is set to Z-up... I export DAE with Z-up. The cylinder in SL has the same orientation and size as the cylinder in Maya. The cylinder is vertical in Maya and as is the sequence of joints. The toe joint is as offset (0,0,0).

I created a simple animation by keying translate values for y of +50, -100, +50. Playing the animation in Maya looks correct. The cylinder moves right 50 units, left 100 units, right 50 units.

I create a bvh file using a Maya plugin authored by Samantha Patterso,  BVH Export v1.6 Last Updated:  2016-02-12.

An inspection of the bvh file in a text editor revels no interesting artifacts. The values all make sense given the animation in Maya.

I upload the bvh file to SL. Check Animated Mesh in the Build menu for the cylinder. And put the bvh file into contents with a little script to start it.

The cylinder translates up 50, down 100, up 50.

I have tried lots of variations and have stared at this for a while but can't seem to understand what is going on.

I set the show bones option and I can see the skeleton applied to the cylinder as expected. Head in Z+, facing X+.

Any ideas or comments that might give me some insight?




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The bvh format that SL assumes is Y up and Z forward, scaled up to inches scale. MyAniMATE takes care of both bvh and anim format assumptions in terms of scale and orientation, but it needs to run its procedures to create something that can both work for export and avoid breakage of your character mesh

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