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As Covid-19 destroyed real economies, Second Life’s economy boomed

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On 25th February 2021 there was a new article posted about Second Life on Quartz which is a rather interesting read about the effects of the pandemic and the Second Life economy. There are some newer statistics for the past year for those that are interested in this blog post. 

Here is the article link



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We discussed it a bit here:




The article got a few things wrong -- they refer to the company as Linden Labs multiple times, and they forgot to check their facts or typing when discussing a vital part of the economy:



Overall, given that so many were restricted to their homes for hours/days/weeks on end, I don't find it too surprising that SL had an influx of folks and money.  The real question is 'Where will it all be this time next year, when things should be back to normal (or mostly, at least)?"



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