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What:  DJ Boot Camp
Date: Tuesday March 2nd
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm 
Where: Waves  
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Path of Destiny/49/66/2106

Everyone is welcome!   

What is DJ Boot Camp?
DJ Boot Camp is a joint effort being presented by two experienced DJs.  We will teach you all of the technical things that are needed to stream music into Second Life and work as a DJ at any club.  All you need for the class is to show up with Mixxx downloaded and bring your enthusiasm!

We will discuss the following topics:

Which software to use to connect to a stream and play your music inside Second Life. We will focus primarily on the Mixxx program due to familiarity And it's FREE.

Where to find a stream provider inside Second Life and how to set up that stream with your DJ software.  

After the class, for those who are interested, we will also cover how to manage voiceovers during sets.

We're just teaching the basics, so that people will be able to work at any club after this and be able to customize their training to work within the club's rules.

And, we're hiring! So anyone who finishes the course is welcome to put in an application at the same time.

Questions?  -ڿڰۣ-ღPєrg (pergatorie)

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