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Beyond Vanilla Resort is Hiring

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Beyond Vanilla Resort is a new sim and has lots of interest but I lost my manager and need a new one. Beyond Vanilla Resort is a different sort of sim. It has many, many interactive things to do. You will find Whip's End, Beyond Vanilla's premier night club, a public dungeon, a 1/4 sim size dirt race track, an interactive games room, board games like hand n foot, greedy, black jack and more. In the air you will find an archery range, Breach & Clear tactical training, rock climbing walls, a 3/4 interactive animal hunting area. We are adding new items daily. So if this is the type of place you wish to work and are an experienced manager and want to run a sim with little interference then contact me. Contact is preferable by NC if I am not online or IM when I am. I seldom come to the forums so, please, do not leave replies here as I will not see them. Thank you, Karlee Heartsong


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