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Full region Estate Manager private island

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Coral Estates a great deal on 1 full region : 65536 sqms

30000 Awesome prims


Estate manager gaven upon tier payement Terraformance allowance

Set your own group

Deed the land to your own group

Set your own Audio/Vide

o Change texture to your own taste

Change Ratio A/M/PG Stand alone region

AmazonAWS hosting NO laggy island Visit our land page at: https://coralestates.net/vacant/text

Dont wait on this special end of 2020 offer!!! Best land in secondlife Coral Estates land rental for your Secondlife

CEO Coral Estates Kristaki Hudson http://www.coralestates.net


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Heaven/128/128/22


coral coco_008.jpg

coral estates.jpg

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