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Hi there! My name is Maggie Lee! 😄
I am not fairly new to second life, even though this account I use is a year old. 
I have been off and on in the past, but should be here quite more now, so much so I am looking for a job!

I have 0 SL job experience, but I am eager and quick to learn.
I am outgoing and able to converse easily.
I usually spend my time on SL helping others out, and helping newer folk get started.

I will work for cheap! Every little bit helps, and I love to help support creators, so I am not picky🖤

I am 19, Female, and I won't cam/voice, and escorting is something I am not particularly interested in doing.


My timezone is Central, I am from the USA. I am usually able to be on from around 10 pm to 5am, but I can maybe work around if needed and is planned.

I do have a bit of RL experience in Photoshop, and I've piddled around with 3D modeling applications such as blender, I am not advanced yet, but I want to learn to make mesh clothing and even possibly a mesh body, free of charge for new comers in the future.

Thank you for reading! 

(pic edited by me)


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Needed to make a couple adjustments and add things.
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