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DJ Ell 2.0 Spins ANOTHER Preview Set at The Blind Frog, Sunday 4 -6 PM and You're Invited!

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Hello, music people! We're doing it again, because the preview music set at the Blind Frog was such a success! This Sunday, DJ Ell 2.0 will be spinning another preview party at one of the additional venues, The Station. If you know about Woodstock but are too young to have been there, here's your chance to enjoy the outdoor music festival vibe while hearing some great Blues. 

The Station at the Blind Frog  Sunday,  February 28, 4-6 PM SLT and you are cordially invited! Consider this an Open House. Come on by, listen to some rocking blues, with one of the grid's most experienced DJs, get acquainted with the club and grounds, meet some new friends, and add us to your list of go-to music places. DJ Ell loves your requests, so bring your list and your friends on Sunday, 4-6 PM at The Station the Blind Frog


Last Sunday's Preview Set: A Good Time Was Had By All



The Station @ The Blind Frog



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