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how to download a mesh body tocomputer to work on 3d clothing

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Depends on the body. Most of the popular brands, you have to apply for a Dev kit. There are some bodies that have free dev kits or a nominal cost, Ebody and Tonic come to mind. Start with the free ones, make a few items with the free ones then apply for the other ones once you have a few items to show. The turn around is usually a couple of days to a week.

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The Ruth and Roth Bodies are completely free and open-source.


and so are the bladenCat and bladenlyn bodies.




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Most "full perm" outfits do not come with licenses to use their their 3d mesh data. If the outfits you bought came with full perm textures, then you can download those by right clicking the texture and 'save as'. Otherwise you may have to set the texture of your outfit to a local texture, which will let you (and only you) see how your outfit changes each time you save the texture. You can set a local texture by changing the dropdown from 'inventory' to 'local' in the Texture picker window.

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