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Hairstyles Problem or Settings Viewer?

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Now I find long hair that I like, then I always have a wreath of light around my hair, that also often happens to my Catwa eyelashes, I must have set something wrong somewhere (Firestorm) ....... someone has good advice from you to remove the ugly halo of light can someone please help?


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A lot of the best hair makers use alphas textures to make their hair.  Alphas are see through and when they encounter another alpha in the world (like windows, trees , eyelashes, some clothing, applier make up) it creates a transparency . Things you might see, part of window  is missing behind you, or if your hair hugs your face, your applier make up might look like its not there or that you  are missing eyelashes on one eye.  

Here are some things you can do to lessen the impact of the alpha issue :

1. Wear bom make up and hairbases as much as possible. Bakes on mesh or system layers are not effected by the alpha bug.

2.Make lashes shorter if they are interacting with your hair too much. Or if you want to wear  super long lashes, make sure your hair is is not covering your eyes. You can also try masking your lashes but it makes them look clumpy.

3. If you ever wear clothing with tranparency (it's thin or see thru looking)  be mindful if your hair sits on top of your chest it might make your top see through .

Alphas are just part of SL struggle unfortunately, but we all deal with them. You aren't doing anything wrong. Some designers are better at alphas than others so if its something that bugs you a lot, when you are demoing hairs, make sure to go stand in front of a window or tree to see how big the alpha is and if its something you are willing to live with. If you are looking for a brand of hair with better alphas, try out Magika. Their designer has made an effort to improve their alphas especially in the chest region.

Good luck!


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