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 Hello! I need some help please? I'm customizing my viewer I found some instructions on how to do it, but it's a bit difficult, and I can't find any other tutorials on it.

I picked the RGB Decimal colors from a color chart, and then I put them in the Theme. I'm putting them into the default theme, Sometimes It changes the colors or not at all, or when I add the colors I get an error, different things turn purple.  I want to change some of the font colors, I'm updating the color.xml under the defaults folder. 

Skin/Firestorm/default/Colors.xml am I putting the Colors in the wrong file? 


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I just saw a notice for a Firestorm Skins class at 2pm SL time. I guess that's too short notice, but these classes do get repeated, so it may be worth looking out for.


Although I guess this will be more about using different skins rather than making them. Though maybe you could ask questions.

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