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Seeking A Personal Host For Sundays & Wednesday @ 2pm slt

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I am a DJ with over 5 years of experienced DJ'ing on secondlife. I am currently looking for a dependable Host that can Host for me at different Clubs. I usually only DJ during 2-4pm time slots any day of the week. Male or Female Host are cool, log as you are experienced, Can send notices, Can send group invites, can greet guest, and just have a good time with the VIP's. I am also looking for someone with good communication, as always real life comes first. I prefer someone with discord for easy contact, but not a requirement. Please if you real life is hectic, please do not contact me. I really need someone that usually can make there sets. Please also understand this is a tips only position, I will not be paying you personally. If you someone that enjoys Hosting, then this may be perfect for you. I play a variety of music, from R&B, hip hop, dance, house, remixes, electro, bounce, and anything else I can Dance to.

I am specifically looking for someone who can Host Sundays & Wednesdays 2-4pm slt. 

I will provide the name of club and Landmark when you contact me or you can reply to this ad.

If you reply to this ad, please provide your log in name , so that I may contact you.

My In-game name is Ghostmagicc Resident


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