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Are DVD players still a thing?

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I know that I've got a close friend of mine an external DVD player for their laptop, USB powered, so they could re-watch their entire anime collection again - the ones that you cannot watch in a single place anymore because of the tons of different streaming services, each of them with their own licenses, rules, subscriptions and geo-locking. I also have a small collection of movies, one that I've assembled over the years  (Star Trek TNG disks, Digimon seasons 1-4 etc.) with few recent additions from Amazon/Ebay (physical copies)... and they're perfect to spin when the internet goes out or you just don't want to deal with distractions, you just put the disk in and relax, no Windows Update would ruin your watching. ~ So, by my book, DVD players are still useful devices.

Also, I'd assume, this post was placed in a slightly wrong subforum.

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I'm not sure that dvd rental or purchase places are a thing anymore but yes dvd's are still a thing even though most laptops now don't even have the space to insert a disc. I guess go on your local buy/sell/swap page, borrow movies from family/friends and maybe visit your local library and they may have some other than that, buying a dvd in a store i.e. target, wal-mart, kmart etc (depending on were in the world you live).

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I continue to purchase used DVD's on Amazon for favorite movies which really hit a chord.  Just in case the internet goes for a bit.  Some movies just inspire.  And some vintage music video DVD's.  I have two USB dvd burners for pcs and a portable DVD player for car, beach, etc.  I don't use them a lot, but I like having that option without missing a beat whenever a need hits me.  $5 or less used through Amazon is a tiny price to pay for a good back-up option.  I have had 100% great luck with.  It appears a good number of Goodwill stores sell/ship used DVDs.  

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On 2/21/2021 at 9:58 AM, Betzi Starsmith said:

I used to buy movies from millions media, but apparently they aren't around now, and I can't seem to find other dvd rental/purchase places. Is it even a thing anymore?  


I'm assuming you meant renting DVDs in SL.  I haven't seen these in years.  You can, however, stream YouTube into SL.  I'm not sure about other streaming services.  I've never owned a tv personally in SL but I know some people do have movie watching parties so something like that is doable.  I just don't think there is anywhere to "rent" DVDs anymore.

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