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Problem , Textures turning blank!

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recently when I log I am having strange issues like textures on my new built items turning blank , when I relog , may be they still white or alternative another item turns white, plus I even cleared cache, helped a little but seems i have to reput textures into position and even then not always works, putting on bright on textures somehow makes them appear but still not present in the selection image.

What can it be? How I fix?


I did an item that I gived to a friend and while I see both mine and his version white he sees normally .

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This is just a guess .... Select a face that has one of those white textures on it. Then look in the TEXTURE tab in your editor and set the Alpha Mode to NONE.  If the white goes away, the problem is that you have uploaded a 32-bit texture, and its alpha channel is renderiing as white.  Unless you actually need transparency in the image, you should always upload it as a 24-bit texture.  That will reduce rendering load, which is always a good idea, and it will help you avoid odd side-effects like this white appearance.

Of course, it my guess is wrong, we'll have to try something else.  Maybe it would help if you post a screen shot to explain what you are seeing.

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Another wild guess: Did you upload multiple versions of the texture with the same name? If so, try deleting all the older ones, then going to the Trash and purging them too.

It's really strange that the object looks correct to other residents but wrong to you. That definitely points to some kind of client caching issue (even though you said you cleared it).

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