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Need help with my Lelutka Head

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24 minutes ago, Neil Banx said:

Hi guys, i need help with my BOM Lelutka head.  In my viewer i see it normal. But others see me chrome.  I re-attached everything it was ok as first then after awhile came back.

By 'chrome' do you mean that your head looks like a very shiny silver colour to them? If so, then it sounds like you've got your Environment slider set too high on the HUD. The reason why they see it and you don't is likely to be because they have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled in their viewer's graphics settings and you don't.

Add your head's HUD, go into the Head/Skin tab, and look for the slider that I've highlighted in green below. Make sure that little 'Environment' slider button is all the way across to the left. If I were you I'd also check that slider where it appears on any other tabs on the HUD, such as the Eyes tab, just in case you have it set too high on those as well:


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