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Wanting to join an MC (motorcycle club)?? Message me!!

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You've been thinking of joining an MC (motorcycle club), but not sure where to go or which one you want to talk to or possibly join..
Then let me help you, let me be your guide and let me introduce you to the best MC you will find in SL.....Black Dragons 1% MC
With  Black Dragons 1% MC, you are family!!  We believe in honor, respect and loyalty.  Disrespect any member of this family or any supporter of this family and you will feel what it means to cross a Dragon.
The founder and President is a retired marine, as are a few of the fellow members....so the sense of brotherhood & sisterhood runs deep, and  we believe that respect is earned, not just given.
If you're looking for an MC to join that is a brotherhood/sisterhood, a family, a home...then look no further than the Black Dragons, where we stand by each other through thick and thin!
And of course women are always welcome to join as well!!
 Yes, MC's, are a lifestyle, but it's one where people can become not only your closest friends, but your family as well.  
Leave me a message, send me an IM or a notecard and let's talk, I'm here to answer all your questions.
Jetty Ravenheart (jettyluv) Recruiter for Black Dragons
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