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is SL currently going through maintenance? if not, then is there a reason why i cannot log in? when i try to log in i get the following message:


"We're having trouble connecting. There may be a problem with your internet connection or our servers.


You can either check your internet connection and try again in a few minutes, click Help to connect to our help site, or click Teleport to attempt to teleport home."


obviously there is nothing wrong with my internet connection seeing as i am able to send you this message.

i dont know what to look for on the help sit.

and when i try to teleport home it tells me the following:


"You have been disconnected from the region you were in."


any insight you could give on this matter would be lovely.


thank you,


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SL demands *a lot* more from your internet connection than regular browsing does. Which is the reason it may very well be true what the message say.

While it can be that the servers are acting up, it is more likely that the issue is somewhere between your pc and LL's servers. If it is the servers having issues, you should be able to log in again after a while.

If you can't then you should start checking closer to home, and the info you give about 'you have been disconnected from the region' indicate some sort of connection issue;

If you are on a wireless network, try to connect through a cable and see if that helps.

Try resetting your router and modem by unplugging them for a minute or two, plug back in and wait for a connection to establish before logging in again to see if you still have issues.

Run the test at http://www.pingtest.net/ a few times with different target servers - be sure to target a server on the west coast of the US - to gauge the quality of the internet connection. Ideally you are looking for an 'A' on the tests, but a lower grade can be ok as long as there is no packet loss. A low grade is not what you want.

If the connection is ok, start the viewer, and before logging in, try to reduce the Max bandwidth in me->preferences->Setup. Try with a value of 1000 kbps first. Log in and see if things improve.

While logged in, press ctrl+shift+1 and have a look at the packet loss in the performance panel. You want as low packet loss as possible. If there is packet loss, reduce the max bandwidth further, and if not, you can increase it. Play around with it to find the sweet spot. 

Also look at the ping times, time dilation number and server fps. Ping times should preferably stay below 300, time dilation as close to 1 (or is it 100) as possible, and server fps as close to 45 as possible. High ping times indicate how long requests and responses take between you and the servers. Time dilation and server fps tells you something about the state of the sim you are connected to.

Hope things improve after you tried some of these things.

- Luc -

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@Luc and AkumaGoddo

Server ping is indeed a good measure of how well (or how badly) SL's server-web connection is doing.  In my experience, it is one of the slowest connections in that part of the USA, as seen from Europe.  That doesn't help.  Severs side TD is very dependent on the type of sim you are on.  Full regions with a moderate script and prim load fare best of all, with TD rarely falling below 0.95.  Homestead sims are a lot less stable and robust, and even moderate script and prim loads will see TD dropping below 0.90 on occasion.  Openspace sims....God knows but they are not intended for significant script loads.  Really, it would aid non-US users if LL would improve their web  connection speed, and (laughs) update their non full-region servers (chance would be a fine thing).

That said, if a non-US ISP is performing below par, or the router is misbehaving (wireless or not) non connection to the main Grid is a real possibility.  Having suffered from poor line speeds for my first 15 months in SL, I know how frustating that can be.

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ok, so what i dont understand is when i tried logging in on one computer (that is connected to the router via eathernet cable) i wasnt able to, but when i logged into SL on my laptop (which is wireless) i was able to log in.




i will surely try some of the things you have mentioned on the desktop tho Luc, and thank you for all of the detailed information.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4147 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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