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I made a utility to edit .anim files!


Anim Hacker is an Open-Source program for Windows that can read and edit SecondLife/Opensim *.anim Animation files.

Example uses

  • Edit your animations and set per-joint priorities
  • Add/remove/edit joint motions from your animation
  • Add constraints to your animations







Anim hacker is in no way associated with Linden Lab, SecondLife or OpenSim. It is third party software.

Anim hacker is not professional software. It is written by a hobbyist. It is provided "as-is" without support. It will crash. It will not perform any kind of validation or sanity checks and is thus capable of writing invalid .anim files. It is easy to break your animations using Anim hacker. You are advised to keep backups of any file you will edit with Anim hacker.


This page provides a good insight into what all the various parameters mean.


Anim hacker is hosted on GitLab. Download the latest release here:



Have fun!

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From seeing the pics provided and not actually using the software, maybe "decode" the 16 bit integers for position and rotation?

From my rough estimates, those are equiavalent to:

For +/- 5m position:

= ((# - 32767) / 32767) * 5

For +/- 180 degrees:

= DEGREES(ASIN((# - (# > 32767) - 32767) / 32767)) * 2

where # is the 16 bit integer.

This quickly done in Excel, FWIW...

Someone else may have a finer tuned calculation.

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