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Next theme (after the chalets)?

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I am absolutely feeling the treehouse vibe. :D 


My mind seems to bounce along the James Bond Villain Lairs themes of space, evil genius island lair in a volcano or even underwater.



However, another idea I had was cave houses!




Who knows really but whatever they are am sure we will be wowed and excited by them. 



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Spelling :P
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I know! 😃 And yes it is. And no, it's not what you're thinking. (I don't actually know what you're thinking, but whatever it is... that's not it.)

During Patch's talk at the Home & Garden Expo earlier today, a few things were confirmed! The theme after the chalets will be previewed at SL18B (33:10 mins) It will most likely be re

I was watching the Dunk & Hug a Linden video on Facebook (from Friday), and at approx. 5:30 Patch says they may reveal the next theme at this year's SL18B event (starting around June 23rd)! h

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I'm out of the guessing game, but here's a couple of observations:

> The block of SSP regions for the new theme, where they build the clonable tiles that they assemble into a subcontinent,  is very small so far.  Only 15, 2521-2535.  There's another 2 out of numerical order, 2500 (attached to the block), and 2501, above the block.  Perhaps 2502-2520 will show up some day, perhaps not.  Even if they do, that's still a bit small as tile working areas go.  Perhaps, knowing what LL knows about the relative popularity of fantasy homes, a fantasy subcontinent would be smaller than usual?

> LL has recently moved away a couple of private regions north of Rollingstone and Bachman in Belli's chalet area.  Could be chalet expansion area, or?

If they do fantasy, personally I'd rather see an underwater "Hidden World".  The moles have done some cute underwater scenes over the years, but I'd love to see what they'd come up with for an underwater subcontinent.  Of course there would be weird issues to solve (would it be overrun with surface boats?  How do you mark parcels?  Do you make underwater 'roads'?), so I doubt they'll attempt it, but I would be really REALLY intrigued to see it!

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It could be like Brigadoon and you only get to visit your house when it decides to appear!

Much as I'd like a fantasy theme, I'm not going to get my hopes up. You can make an underground home or tree house with no fantasy required. That way, if it is fantasy, it'll be fun... but if it isn't, it won't be disappointing. (I do hope they accept my exhibit idea though. I didn't blow anything up the last two times.)

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