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When walking over sim boundaries on prims, you fall through, any known fix?

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I have adjoining property on different sims.  For various reasons (sky platforms are one) I have prims that I walk on, plain ole regular prims.  If I cross a sim boundary walking on a prim I fall through, these are separate non-phantom prims on both sims and touching at the boundary (overlapping them does not help).   If I go really slow and carefully I usually make it across, but probably one out of three times I fall through.  Of course walking over a sim boundary on Linden land is no issue, but this is not possible on sky platforms.  I have tried multiple layers of prims and various other things but I cannot find a solution.    

Does anyone know of a fix or work around?

Thank you!


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Sure. In each region, add a prim that extends about 2-3m into the next region Longer on high speed roads. Its center must be inside the region from which it extends. and thus belonging to that region. The idea is that you're supported only by objects from the region you're in. When you cross region boundaries, region crossing doesn't start until you're 1m past the edge, and then it can take some time. So you need a bit of off the edge support.

The off the edge extension can be invisible, but should be at least 0.2m thick and non-phantom.

There are prims like that on most Linden roads. (Except in Kama City in Zindra, where you can fall into the ground just crossing the street.)

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When you move an object into your avatar, your avatar is always pushed towards whichever side of the object it is closest to

So one 'dumb' solution is to make a really thick prim where the paths connect so your avatar is always pushed upwards when it inevitably sinks into the ground at the sim crossing

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Lil bit of story, objexts from a neighboring sim don't exist, and likewise, a neighbor sim doesn't exist until you cross into it. If you look at linden roads, they use the same approach @animatssuggested, they essentially have two invisible "bridges" that overlap on each region border to "hold" you until you finished crossing into the next region.

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