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Hello my name is Violet TopHat and I am getting back into the dj scene again. I do play everything so I am looking for a place where I can have the musical freedom plus take any requests. If you would like me to work for you please let me know inworld or on here. Thank you and I look forward to hear from you. P.s If you would like my stream please let me know since I play music 24/7. I can also be a fill in Dj if needed also.

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What are we about? A good adult setting where you can chill, meet,new people and not be worried about anything but having fun.

1. We offer 100% of your tips

2. Work hard with us we will reward that hard work.

3. Fun, extroverted and welcoming, have fun with people make them come join you.

4. Team player

5. Don't know we will train

6. Open Genre with one or two exceptions

DJ: https://tinyurl.com/yywczkpo

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