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La Croisette @ Shamrock OPENING RATES L$299-399 Beachfront Apartments & Commercial Spaces

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Bienvenue à la Croisette! Lieu de rencontre et d'accueil pour les français et international Secondlifers! Vous pourrez faire des rencontres dans notre espace arcade, vous trémousser à la plage, ou même naviguer en bateau. Locations disponibles

Welcome to La Croisette, a meeting place for French and international Secondlifers! You can meet in our arcade area, climb to the beach, or even sail by boat. Rentals available!

  • roadside access
  • near tourist spots like Eiffel Tower, Abyss Observatory, JF Cinema
  • navigable waters


( Posting this for my friends — Please IM zaker974 or Fendilicious )







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LA CROISETTE has expanded!


Apartments in the original complex are all taken, expect one (Apt 3) as of writing.

4 new lofts available; unfurnished (may be furnished upon request); comes with 2 bedrooms 2 bath/closet, very spacious, balcony with a spectacular view of the sea. Each unit comes with parking and access to the dock so you can sail navigable waters. There is also a car rezzer nearby so you can enjoy driving around Sansara.

Available with 350 prims L$1200 per week


Each unit is equipped with CasperSafe security as well as dedicated 24/7 security guard Bernie XP


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NEW at La Croisette

Cannes fine dining restaurant and bar is now open to the public!

Set in a charming French themed beachfront community in Sansara, Cannes La Croisette is delighted to offer a fully interactive and immersive buffet (no worries, you will not gain weight!) and some of the drinks are XeoLife-enhanced to complete your roleplay dining experience with family, friends, and lovers (yes, pluralized because you might have more than one — we don’t judge because we’re inclusive like that :grins:)

This month our menu includes oysters on ice, lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, chicken wings, and acai triple berry cheesecake and pineapple bowls for dessert. We also have an interactive regular menu by the famous international chef Ria Bazar if you click the plate on your table. These are all for free except for the XeoLife coffee and fruit juice; all proceeds shall go to our poverty-stricken security guard Le Bernie.


Available Rentals: 

Apartment 2 & Penthouse 2B



For more information please contact zaker974

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Welcome to La Croisette Boat Services!

Here you can request a boat tour and explore the Sansara Sea

30 minutes Boat Exploration : 200L$
1 hour Boat Exploration : 350L$
Under Sea Exploration : 350L$

You can request a personalized tour by contacting Zaker974

Don’t forget to tip our amazing drivers for their work

We hope you enjoy the tour!



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 88 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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