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**LF flat parcel 1024 free tiers with premium access**

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check the map for abandoned waterside parcels,( of any size but = or > 1024) and send a ticket to LL with the request to buy it. IF they will, it's for sale for a very reasonable price.
Also a chance they will put it for auction, where you also can bid.

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On 2/10/2021 at 2:23 AM, BQScheurer said:

If your still looking flat land by water check this out.  Owner of Demeo Real-Estate Sales
Check out my island here  Blue Island (200,189,21)
I have land for sale just  Send me an IM 
Monthly parcel fees are as follows;
4096 sm parcel size for
5400L  A month 
1350 a week
1875 prims 
our discord 


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