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check rezzing perms for a remote parcel

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hello all!

i'm attempting to write a script that can check if any specific parcel allows for rezzing within it. ideally i should be able to pass a function the name of a region and a set of coordinates, and have it return whether or not anyone can rez there. i initially considerd llGetParcelFlags, but it only works for coordinates with your current region and not one that you arent in

i'm beginning to think that such a thing is impossible, but no harm in asking i suppose.

thanks for reading!

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Think the smallest a parcel can be is 8x8. You can make a script that just checks all those positions on the sim.

Make a loop... start at pos <0.0.0>... +=8 to x and y..... until you reach >= 256
Use something like llGetParcelDetails to get the ID of the parcel and make 2 lists one with the id and one with the pos.
Use llGetParcelFlags on the list.

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AFAIK there's no way to get this information for any region other than the one on which the script is running.

@bobsknief Orsini's logic is generally correct for how to walk the region, but best to start at 2,2 and walk in 4m steps (because the minimum parcel unit is 4x4m, in nested loops for x and y. I gather, however, that the OP already knows the x,y coordinate of the parcel of interest; it's just unfortunately in another region.

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There is a "statistical" method you can do with the looping too.

Start out doing 128m increments, then 64m, then 32m, then 16m, then 8m, then 4m, each interation ignoring the positions you've done so far.

This will statistically get you hit(s) sooner than checking every 4m linearly.

I've used this method for years in my parcel flag scanner when I look for parcels of interest.

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