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Are you looking for that place where you feel free to be who you are?  To release that control to someone, or take control of another?  Fluidity may just be the place you are looking for. 

A place where we are looking to build a community of those that know the true need of BDSM and the relationship of a D/s.  

Mama Allpa, Deciduan, and Tantra vendors on site and free collars for those in need.

But don't let that be the only thing this community is built for.  It is built for everyone.  Partying, Games, Hangout, Meeting Friends, and Shopping.

Come see us today!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun Dream/89/147/23

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It seems my name got harvested from who the hell knows from and now I have gotten  unwelcome spam from the spam bot they pay for from smart bots. If this is the kinda business they have resorted too I am not going too or supported this kinda nonsense, It is unwelcome, invasive, if I was interested in this I would of used this posting or search. You bots interrupts my SL, violates any form of consent. I get people need to promote their regions but getting unwelcome, unwanted  notices from someplace I didn't have any interest in in the first place is abusive.


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