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First of all, I am really a dummy in building, so sorry if my question is stupid.

I created a super simple photo booth (basically a box), and I tried to put there a few prims with Light effect (I wanted to create something like RL photo studio with light setup). Well, it kinda works with Advanced lighting mode, but I hoped more for a bright-flat effect without advanced mode, which I cannot gain so far. Ill illustrate what I mean with a few pics:

1. The effect I wanted to achieve (this is from TETRA shop, no Advanced mode) - can it be achieved in a box, or it is about windlight options?

2. That is how it looks in my photo booth without Advanced lighting mode

3. My photo boot, but with Advanced mode - not so bad think

Any help would be appreciated






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These images are gorgeous! I'm a fledgling photographer in SL but I don't do it professionally, just for my own enjoyment. It can get frustrating building light source prims. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!

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