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First of all, I am really a dummy in building, so sorry if my question is stupid.

I created a super simple photo booth (basically a box), and I tried to put there a few prims with Light effect (I wanted to create something like RL photo studio with light setup). Well, it kinda works with Advanced lighting mode, but I hoped more for a bright-flat effect without advanced mode, which I cannot gain so far. Ill illustrate what I mean with a few pics:

1. The effect I wanted to achieve (this is from TETRA shop, no Advanced mode) - can it be achieved in a box, or it is about windlight options?

2. That is how it looks in my photo booth without Advanced lighting mode

3. My photo boot, but with Advanced mode - not so bad think

Any help would be appreciated






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Take a look at this article: Firestorm 6.4.12 Shadows for Photography...

When you create a box you eliminate sun and moon lighting... sort of... mostly. But there are a number of Windlight environment settings that still work inside the box.

If you are creating lights you pretty much have to use ALM to get the dramatic effect. Notice the shadows in this image.


Those are viewer shadows. No PS shadow enhancements. I did use the settings from the article to improve the shadow render.

Projector lights are casting the shadows. To see those in action, check the video in Wearable Projector the NEW Facelight. I sent you a copy of the lights. They are Mod-OK so you can take them apart and see how they are made.

If you want to compare ALM and No-ALM lighting look at this article: http://blog.nalates.net/2016/10/04/second-life-the-new-facelight/

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