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Hey there, I'm looking to DJ or host DJs for either new clubs that are starting up or clubs that are well-managed needing one.

I've got well over 4 years of DJing experience with 5 years of DJ Hosting experience. I've done well over 8 vendors in that span of time.

I use VirtualDJ 7, I play mostly hard rock/Dark EDM/heavy metal/a little variety here and there. I don't really do voice overs or voice at all, but I chat in group or local anyways to keep interactive with clubs. I can do requests. I'm aiming to have 2 hour slots, I live in the CST time zone so if there's any openings that reflect, in SL time, the hours between 4PM all the way to 10PM my time, I can do that.

As a Host, I love to put the DJ above me since it's their show, I can interact with the audience, try to get people interested and TP when in need.

Even though I prefer Furry clubs, I can also do human ones too since I have avis for either occasion.

Let me know if I'm your guy by reaching me at LordHappycat.Resident. Thanks~ ❤️



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💚Hello there. 👍 Know Where is a new Club needing Djs and would love to have you around if you wished to join us !💥 I'll send you a message here in forums incase or inworld once im online💙

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