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New Passports and new travel Stamps from the BBB (Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy)

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If you've not been informed elsewhere there's some big improvements going on with the Bellisserain Passports produced by the BBB. And if you didn't know about the passports at all (and they are free to Bellisserian citizens), then drop by the BBB HQ for an application form. For those who want to continue to collect travel/visitor stamps you need to request an updated passport.


Here's the changes....

-1- No more running out of stamp space !
When the visa pages of the passport are full, there are separate visa hud's that can be used to apply additional stamps, by using separate hud's you will never run out of stamp space.

-2- No more adding stamps manually !
When wearing the passport or visa hud and clicking a stamp terminal, the stamp automatically goes onto the passport or visa hud.

-3- Placement of the stamps onto the visa pages will be in a random manner !
We tried giving it a more "real life" feel where stamps are slapped on where ever there's a free spot ;)

-4- No more duplicate stamps !
The passport or visa hud wont let you add the same stamp twice, it will also give you a message when a new stamp is applied or that the stamp you are trying to apply is already on the passport or visa hud.

-5- Added a stamping sound whenever a stamp is applied !
Ummm just because we could...lol.

-6- Passport hud, Visa hud's and Stamp Terminals will be copy only !
By changing to "stamp placement by script" we eliminated the need for them to be modify, it will reduce the number of accidents we have to fix.

-7- Your old passport will not work with the new stamp terminals, physical stamps are no longer given out so you get nothing that you can add....

-8- Your new passport comes preloaded with just one stamp, the valid for life stamp, you have to re-visit all the locations to pick up the stamps.

-9- We can recover stamps that you have gotten from now retired locations and would like to get back on your new passport incl. your Slenderman Survivor stamp. There is a section reserved for this in your passport update request form.

-10- PASSPORT UPGRADES CAN BE REQUESTED BY FILLING OUT AND RETURNING THE RELEVANT FORM. Please ask me, Jezebel Bailey, or Dark Sunflower in world for the form, it's pretty straightforward.

Thanks and travel safely:)



Boo's Passport 2.jpg

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Hi Sylvia, I personally don't create the passports anymore. It could well be worth IMing Bel (Jezebel Bailey) in world that you are still waiting in case somehow your applications were misplaced. However there was a short period where no passports were created prior to the imminent chnage, and hopefully all is well. IM me if still no joy.

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